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Fleabusters® Nematodes

Rid your yard of fleas the natural way. Instead of chemical insecticide, use harmless, naturally occurring microorganisms known as beneficial nematodes to treat fleas on lawns, pet runs and exercise areas, around food and water bowls and elsewhere in the yard.

$38.00 - 1 MILLION (COVERS 2000-3000 SQ FT)

$68.00 - 6 MILLION (COVERS 1/4 ACRE)

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What is it?

Technically, nematodes are one of the most abundant groups of living creatures in the world, with species ranging from pests of plants and animals to beneficial species like the ones we offer. This microscopic creature can survive in oxygen rich water or in the root zone of your plants. Our nematodes will not harm plants, animals or humans.

Why Use Nematodes?

The one problem that we perceive with most biological control items is they only work for specific pests. If a different pest enters your operation and you do not have a specific predator or parasite for that pest; this may force you to use an insecticide. The biological battlefield needed a ‘broad spectrum’ killer to help combat these ‘other’ pests. We believe our Nematodes provide this needed ‘broad spectrum’ biological insect control.

Our Application Rates

We recommend 1,000,000 nematodes per 2000 square feet (500 per sq/ft). When you start comparing our suggested application rates to that of some other competitors, you will find we recommend much less. The reason for this is that the initial studies that were done on nematodes were done in comparison to chemicals that were being used. They were testing them based on a 72 hour kill rate (just like the chemicals recommended). In order to get the same kill rate as the chemicals, they claim you need to apply at a rate of 25,000 nematodes per square foot. These tests didn't take in to account "Long Term Control". Our nematodes will reproduce, where the chemicals have to be reapplied. Over time, our nematodes will still be there working for you in much larger numbers than you originally applied. In addition, our nematodes have been reared to be more aggressive and kill quicker than other competitors nematodes. This is true because our nematodes are reared on "Live Hosts" for seed-stock and commercial production. Most other commercially available nematodes are produced in an incubator using an artificial diet.

What this means to you?

Insects can build up a resistance to chemicals, but they cannot build up anything to our nematodes. Only about 5% of other commercially available nematodes might reproduce. This means you will have to buy more and spend your time spraying again. We provide you with a quality product that will be around for the long haul. We know that our nematodes will be able to control your problem areas with a single application. Within a month or two, your entire area will be protected without having to re-apply / spray, this saves you time and money.